What are the reasons for the fight against same-sex marriage?

Nowadays, many questions are asked about same-sex marriage. Some people even wonder if it existed in past centuries or if it is a recent practice. There are even groups of people who are fighting against homosexuality around the world. But this article will help us to know more about the reasons for the fight against gay marriage.

The divergence of interest

For some people, the issue is whether homosexuality is a good practice or not. This somehow contributes to the struggle. Nevertheless, the primary reason for the fight against this practice is the difference of interest. For more information, read the full article. In this way we are different on this planet, so our interests are different.
This means that what is good for one will be the opposite for the other. So we often have different interests. And if our interests do not converge, there will always be people who make contradictory decisions. This is exactly what we are seeing today in the case of gay marriage.

The religious divergence

As you know, we have many religions to which we belong. This makes us have a religious divergence. We have especially Christians who are outright against homosexuality under the pretext that it is against their belief.
Muslims are also largely against homosexual marriage. For these two religions, anyone who indulges in this practice will be punished by God. There are also other religions that see homosexuality as immoral and vile.

The differing opinion of leaders

Another reason for this struggle turns out to be the differing opinion of the leaders of each state. Today, there are only a few countries that have agreed to legitimise same-sex marriage in their states. Other countries are adamantly opposed to the practice.
Therefore, as long as the leaders do not converge their opinion on this issue, there will always be struggles and uprisings.

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